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Hello folks,

Watchers and wanderers alike, I have a bit of news that may be of interest to you.

As of today (Monday September 19th) I will begin the first of what I intend to be many weekly topic exercises.

Each week, I will pick a topic to focus my art around. By the end of that week (Sunday) I'll have drawn and
uploaded AT LEAST one page's worth of drawings related to the weekly topic. Then, on the Monday after,
I'll pick a new topic to focus my art around for that week. The pattern would continue in this fashion.

Why This May Interest YOU:

-If you're a watcher of mine, I'll actually be putting out material on a weekly basis!
-You can leave a comment suggesting a topic you'd like me to chose for the next week!
-Suggesting a topic is free, and it could easily be a ticket to free art of something you like!
-I can't really think of other reasons it might interest people, I'm tired today.

About Suggesting a Topic:

-A Topic can be essentially anything broad enough for me to interpret in multiple ways.
It could be a color, a character (even one of your OCs), a landscape, an emotion. It can
be a theme like action, or horror, or comedy. It can be a game, or it can be a series.
The possibilities are quite numerous.

-If I don't get any suggestions or requests, it's all good. I'll pick a topic of my own and
keep on as I will until someone happens along to make a suggestion or request.

-If I like more than one topic requested, I'll put them on a list which will appear
in each new Journal entry to let folks now they're part of the To-do schedule.

-If I don't pick your request, don't get all in a huff about it. It doesn't mean I don't
like it, it just means I don't feel like it.
(Or possibly don't like it... but let's not make hasty assumptions.)

-While I'm open to trying a Hell of a lot, there are some things I will shoot down
right here and now:

1. Porn - This speaks for itself.
2. Shipping/Slash-fic/The like - Not my cup of tea.
3. Ridiculously proportioned body-parts. - Because no.
4. Freaky Fetishes - Freaky is a loosely used word, as it has many definitions.
My definition is things that are: Really. Just. Not. Right.
(You can test my tolerance if you like, but don't get your hopes up.)

Other than that, you're welcome to send about anything my way. I'll probably give it
a shot, or if I really don't feel up to it? Maybe just try again some other day.

That about sums it up. Any questions or comments are welcome.

This week's topic: Fallout New Vegas!


United States

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